Custom Uniform Service Benefits for Michigan Businesses

Custom Image Apparel Benefits

Michigan businsses that utlize uniforms as part of their operations can improve company branding and recognition with custom uniforms. Those benefits can be enhanced even further with custom uniform service.

Greatest Benefits of Custom Uniform Service

What, exactly, can custom uniforms bring to your business? What makes them worth the investment? Here are some of the main benefits:

More Control Over Your Branding

Visual appeal is one of the biggest factors that affects the public perception of your brand. And customized uniforms are a key element in boosting your business’ visual appeal. Custom workwear lets you define your brand’s image and influence customer perception of your business.

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

The quality and design of your customized uniforms can impact your employees’ attitudes and satisfaction. When your employees are happier with their uniforms, they are likely to be happier with their work as well.

Effortless Uniform Maintenance

The right Michigan custom workwear service also offers the best professional care for your uniforms. And this can provide you with more than just cleaner results for your uniforms. It also ensures better cost control and unparalleled convenience for you and your employees.

CLS: All the Uniform Solutions Your Business Needs

The biggest benefits of custom uniforms can only come from the best uniform service provider. And there’s only one service provider in Michigan that fits that description: CLS!

With CLS, you get:

  • Over 100 Years of Industry Experience. CLS has been in the textile and garment care industry since 1899. This is your best assurance that every ounce of care that your uniforms get is backed by extensive professional skills. There’s no guessing the integrity and dependability of your uniform care with CLS at the helm!
  • Superior Expertise in Uniform Supply and Care. Good uniforms are not just visually appealing, but also structurally excellent. That is why we’ve created a uniform care system that ensures the condition of your uniforms. From laundering to handling, every aspect of our uniform service keeps your uniforms consistently clean and high-quality.
  • Advanced Uniform Customization Technology. Aside from our technical skills and expertise, we also use some of the most advanced uniform customization technology. This is how we make sure that your design vision comes to life.
  • Personalized Service from Start to Finish. We always start each service with a personal consultation, so we can fully understand your needs to the smallest detail. We also make sure that you have direct access to your items 24/7, taking away all the uncertainty in your uniform service. And there’s always a dedicated member of our team who will oversee every aspect of your service. It’s this level of personal attention that has earned us an enviable 98.5% customer retention rate.

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