Uniform Rental Service in Kalamazoo, MI

For professional uniform rental services in Kalamazoo, CLS is an ideal provider. We have over a century of experience providing work apparel and customization services throughout Michigan and are ready to help. Hundreds of Michigan businesses trust us to deliver high-quality, impeccably clean uniforms every day.

Uniforms Provided to Kalamazoo Businesses

CLS serves many industries with high-quality uniforms and services to maintain them. 

Industrial Uniforms and Manufacturing Uniforms

Keep your workforce safe, organized, and professional-looking with brand-name industrial uniforms. 

Healthcare Apparel

Cleanliness and professionalism are important to the treatment of patients and in their perception of care recieved. CLS provides coats and scrubs that will convey that professionalism and cleanliness.

Restaurant and Hospitality Uniforms

For restaurant and hospitality uniforms that help cultivate an atmosphere of quality dining and service, apparel provided by CLS is ideal.

Uniform Customization Services

Customized uniforms provide surprising benefits to companies that utilize them. CLS offers customized embroidery services that can display company logos, employee names, or both. Some of the benefits of customized uniforms include: 
  • Vented Chef Coats
  • Executive Chef Coats
  • Master Chef Coats
  • Chef Coats
  • Knotted Chef Coats
  • Baggy Chef Pants
  • Butcher Frocks
  • Food Service Coats
  • Cook Shirts
  • Bistro Aprons
  • Bib Aprons
  • Encourages company loyalty 
  • Empowers employees
  • Helps differentiate roles at work
  • Improves communication

Why Partner with CLS

There’s a lot of companies offering uniforms service to Kalamazoo businesses. Here’s what puts CLS above the rest:

Long History of Professional Service

It takes more than high-quality products and service for a business to last for more than a century. It takes sensible business practice, quality leadership, and a customer service philosophy that guides all of our decisions. 

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The CLS Difference

Want to know more about what makes CLS better than other uniform service providers in Kalamazoo? 

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We’re a Green Company

Laundry operations that don’t design and operate their facilities to minimize environmental impact can have adverse effects on their communities. CLS’s operations are as clean as the uniforms we provide.

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Positive Customer Experiences

Find out what our customers think of their experience with CLS.

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