How to Take Care of Your Business’s Floors

How to Take Care of Your Business Floors

Knowing how to take care of your business’s floors is an essential part of a business’s long-term success. Properly cared for, your business floor is an invaluable asset that speaks to the quality and care you inject into every corner of your operations. When ignored, a business’s floor can become a liability.  

This article will discuss every needed in a business’s floor care plan.

Essential Elements in Every Successful Floor Care Strategy

A successful floor care strategy revolves around appropriate cleaning materials, a well-defined routine, and regular maintenance. Understanding the specific needs of different floor materials is crucial, whether it’s vinyl, wood, laminate, concrete, or tile, each requires specific care products and techniques.

Invest in quality tools such as brooms, mops, and vacuums suitable for the floor type. Regular cleaning to remove debris prevents scratching and maintains appearance. Deep cleaning should be scheduled appropriately based on floor type and use. Preventative measures like using mats at entrances and protective pads under furniture can extend the life of your floors.

Keep a Regular Cleaning Schedule and Stick to It

The most effective concept in floor care and maintenance is to remember that it is a routine, not an afterthought done only when necessary. The frequency and intensity of regular cleaning depend on the type of floors you have as well as the amount of foot traffic your facility gets. Each flooring type might require specialized treatment at specific intervals. These can be broken down into daily, quarterly, and yearly cleaning routines.

Floor Cleaning Materials and Routine

  • Vinyl: Vinyl floors require gentle, non-abrasive cleaning materials: soft bristle brooms, microfiber mops, and vinyl-safe cleaning solutions. Regularly sweep or vacuum to remove debris. Mop using a diluted vinyl floor cleaner, ensuring the mop is damp, not soaking. Avoid using steam cleaners or excessive water to prevent damage.
  • Wood: Use a soft broom, dust mop, or vacuum for daily cleaning. Use a pH-neutral cleaner specifically for wood, and a damp mop weekly. Avoid excessive water and harsh chemicals.
  • Laminate: Laminate floors need soft brooms, microfiber mops, and a laminate-approved cleaner. Regularly sweep or vacuum to remove debris. Damp mop with the cleaner when needed. Avoid wet mopping to prevent warping.
  • Concrete: Concrete floors require stiff-bristle brooms, a wet mop, and a pH-neutral cleaner. Sweep or vacuum frequently to remove dirt. Mop with the cleaner, ensuring the floor dries quickly to prevent water damage.
  • Tile: Tile floors need soft brooms, mop, and mild detergent. Sweep or vacuum daily, then mop with warm water and detergent. For grout cleaning, use a brush and specialized grout cleaner.

How to Train Employees to Clean the Floor

Giving an employee a broom and hoping for the best will yield inconsistent and lackluster results. Some new employees may have never cleaned a floor before or have only cleaned floors poorly. Simple, straightforward training for your employees is a crucial aspect of achieving quality floor care. Here are some simple steps to follow when educating your staff on the proper process:

  • Demonstrate Technique. Empower your employees with the knowledge they need to perform their tasks optimally, saving them unnecessary headaches that come with a tedious task. 
  • Establish a “Start” and “End” Point. Clear directions on the area of the floor that needs cleaning are vital to saving you time and money. By offering specific guidelines, you eliminate second-guessing and confusion, which shows consideration for your employees and your flow of operations.
  • Establish the “Every Square Inch” Rule. Properly cleaning floors means cleaning the whole floor. “Spot treatments” have no place in this process unless concentrating on a hard-to-clean spill or stain. By following this rule, you ensure a uniformly pristine business floor that tells guests you leave no stone when upholding strict hygienic standards.

Emphasize Floor Cleaning Factors

  • Speed. In business, it’s important to be quick, but not fast. That means not rushing the job and compromising on quality to meet a deadline. Always ensure the job is executed to the best of your ability, but do so efficiently.
  • Consistency. What separates a good business from an exceptional one is a game of inches. The company that achieves consistency is one that is reliable, trustworthy and enjoys the benefits of repeat business and longstanding relationships with their clients. Implement a framework and work culture that encourages cohesiveness, making consistently exceptional service second nature.

Correctly Using Floor Cleaning Tools

How to Use a Standard Broom

Hold the broom with one hand on top and the other midway down the handle. Sweep in short, controlled strokes, pushing debris forward. Regularly collect debris in a dustpan and dispose of it.

How to Use a Dust Mop

Hold the dust mop’s handle and guide it across the floor in a figure-eight motion to collect dust and debris. Lift the mop off the floor when changing direction to prevent dust dispersion.

How to Use a Standard Broom
How to Use a Dust Mop

How to Use a Wet Mop

Dip the wet mop into a bucket of cleaning solution and wring out the excess. Mop the floor in a figure-eight motion. Rinse the mop frequently and change the cleaning solution as needed.

How to Use a Microfiber Mop

Microfiber mops work dry or damp. For dry mopping, glide it across the floor to attract dust. For damp mopping, wet the mop slightly, wring out excess, then mop the floor.

How to Use a Wet Mop
How to Use a Microfiber Mop

A regular cleaning schedule isn’t effective without proper technique. While you can leave the deep cleaning of your floors and floor mats in the hands of professionals, your daily cleaning routine falls in the hands of your staff. Make sure they have a thorough understanding of the kind of care needed, the proper tools for the job, and the most effective cleaning techniques to get the best results.

Mats Needed to Keep Businesses Safe, and How to Use Them

A quality mat works as both the first line of defense against harmful dirt and debris and the first impression to your customers. They are a staple to any business that values appearance and hygiene. Here are the most common types of mats you’ll find in business:

Entry Mats

Entry mats serve as a first line of defense against dirt and debris, trapping these elements at the door to maintain cleanliness and safety within a facility, while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the entrance.

Commercial Floor Mats

Logo Mats

Logo mats reinforce brand identity and enhance the visual appeal of your business space with a prominently displayed company logo.

Custom Logo Floor Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats alleviate discomfort and reduce fatigue for individuals who stand for extended periods, promoting better posture, proper circulation, and a healthier work environment.

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Comfort Flow Mats

Comfort flow mats offer superior anti-fatigue properties by reducing physical strain from prolonged standing, while their drainage design keeps the surface dry and safe, providing a comfortable and slip-resistant platform for employees.

Comfort Flow Mats

Michigan Mats

Michigan mats sport industry-leading quality that goes toe-to-toe with Michigan’s changing seasons.

Michigan Mat Rental

Brush Mats

Brush mats scrape off and trap dirt, grit, and moisture at the entrance, keeping interior spaces clean and dry and significantly reducing the amount of tracked-in debris.

Brush Mat

Image Mats

Image mats provide a platform to display high-resolution images or messages, adding a personalized touch to your business or event space.

Image Mats

Each product across our mat catalog is a piece of a larger puzzle that culminates in comprehensive, exceptional service. With our versatile selection, we empower you with the resources that prove your commitment to first impressions, customer/employee safety, hygiene, and a pristine image that separates you as a premier provider.

Mats to Use in Restaurants

In restaurants, use anti-fatigue mats in the kitchen for staff comfort, grease-resistant mats near cooking areas for safety, and entrance mats with good absorption qualities to prevent tracking in dirt.

Mats to Use in Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities should use anti-fatigue mats in workstations, anti-microbial mats in sensitive areas, and high-traction entrance mats for safety. They should be easy to clean and maintain for hygiene.

Mats to Use in Manufacturing/Industrial

In manufacturing and industrial areas, use anti-fatigue mats for worker comfort, anti-slip mats in wet areas for safety, and heavy-duty entrance mats to trap dirt. Oil-resistant mats are recommended near machinery.

Invest in Floor Care and Floor Protection Tools

When it comes to protecting your floors, nothing beats trusty floor mats. They give your floors a much-needed shield against dirt, debris, scratches, and moisture that cause damage. Do note, however, that not all floor mats are made equal.

There are different types of floor mats that are a better match for certain areas in your business space. Similarly, some brands of floor mats are better than others. Make sure to get your mats from a reliable mat rental and seller that can give you an excellent product range plus the expertise to help you make the most of your floor mats.

Find the Right Floor Cleaner

Smart technology is no longer just limited to mobile and computer technologies. At CLS, we have used better, smarter technology in coming up with the Smart Floor – a revolutionary no-rinse bioactive cleaner designed for daily use. This cleaner is engineered to remove dirt, debris, grease, fats, and oils off the floor to help keep your floors as clean as they are safe.

5 Reasons Businesses Should Take Floor Care Seriously

1. Clean Floors Safeguard Business Assets

Your flooring represents a significant investment and is subjected to daily wear and tear. Dirt, grime, and moisture accelerate flooring deterioration and can lead to costly repairs or replacements. 

CLS Services Keep Floors Clean and Safe

Regular cleaning, along with using floor mats and mop services like those we provide at CLS, extends the lifespan of your floors, preserving the aesthetics of your premises and helping you avoid unnecessary expenditure.

2. Employee Health and Safety

A well-maintained, clean floor isn’t just a matter of aesthetics—it’s paramount to ensuring employee safety. Wet or dirty floors increase the risk of slip-and-fall accidents, one of the most common workplace incidents notorious for derailing smooth operations. Regular mopping and high-quality floor mats reduce the risk of accidents, making the workplace safer for your team. A clean floor contributes to a healthier work environment by reducing the presence of allergens, dust, and bacteria.

CLS Services Protect Employees and Improve Efficiency

Our mat services prevent floor contaminants from creating dangerous situations with floor contaminants in your business. Mop service ensures your employees have the tools needed to clean and maintain floors efficiently and thoroughly.

3. Protecting Your Guests

Just as clean floors are vital for employee safety, they are equally crucial for protecting your guests. A slip or fall can be devastating, leading to potential lawsuits and damaging your company’s reputation. Using floor mats at entrance areas and other high-traffic zones helps to control dust and moisture, minimizing the risk of accidents.

CLS Services Protect Guests 

Our mat and mops services provide every protection and resource a business’s floors need to protect guests and customers.

4. Delivering a Positive First Impression

Cleanliness is synonymous with professionalism. The state of your floors significantly impacts the first impressions of customers, clients, or potential business partners. Clean, well-maintained floors tell your visitors that you pay attention to detail, care about your environment, and, by extension, the services/products you provide. It contributes to a professional image that leaves those invaluable lasting impressions.

CLS Delivers Great First Impressions

CLS not only provides the materials necessary to keep a clean and safe business environment but will maintain and replace them regularly.

5. Enhancing Employee Morale

A clean workplace isn’t just beneficial for your customers and guests—it also impacts your employees. A clean, safe environment enhances employee morale and productivity. When employees see that their workplace is well cared for, it instills a sense of pride and motivation, contributing to the overall work atmosphere.

CLS Provides Floor Care Materials Employees Appreciate

A job done with the right tools is a job done well. CLS will provide the mats and mops employees need to ensure their workplace is representative of the high-quality goods or services the business offers.

We’re There for Your Business

At CLS, we understand the importance of clean floors and the multitude of benefits they bring to a business. Our comprehensive range of services includes floor mats that trap dirt and moisture. Highly efficient mops and professional uniforms and linen services ensure your business looks clean and operates cleanly and efficiently.

Keeping your floors clean is more than a janitorial task—it’s an investment in the safety, reputation, and overall success of your business. It’s a seemingly simple step that pays dividends in the form of happy, safe employees and impressed visitors. With our services, we commit to helping your business make the most of an overlooked but integral aspect of facilities management.

Why CLS Is an Ideal Provider of Floor Care Services for Businesses in Michigan

Set the Standard

As a trusted industry leader, CLS is proud to set the benchmark in championing the value of clean business floors and their significant role in the safety and well-being of both staff and guests. We are devoted to providing exceptional services and products that allow businesses to achieve and maintain an immaculate environment, without compromising on safety or aesthetic appeal.

Our top-tier floor mat services are the first line of defense against dirt, grime, and moisture. We supply mats that capture and contain these contaminants, reducing the likelihood of them spreading throughout your premises. Our mats aren’t just functional, but they also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your business space. With a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors, we sport the versatility to accommodate your unique business image. With CLS in your corner, safety doesn’t come at the expense of a pristine aesthetic.

Unwavering Commitment

Our state-of-the-art mop service efficiently handles the diverse cleaning needs of businesses. We boast superior cleaning performance, ensuring that no spot is missed. We realize the importance of a well-maintained floor in preventing accidents and maintaining a healthy work environment. Therefore, our products are created to deliver optimal results through the ebbs and flows of a grueling year. 

We understand that clean floors represent just one component of a truly clean and safe business environment. Therefore, we offer comprehensive solutions, including uniforms, apparel, linen services, facility services, personal protective equipment, and other essential services. Our commitment is to provide a one-stop solution for businesses aiming for the highest standards of cleanliness, safety, and efficiency.

Knowledge is Power

CLS leads the industry in educational efforts, highlighting the importance of clean business floors and the strategies for maintaining them. We share our knowledge and expertise through informational resources and personal consultations. This ensures our clients have the tools they need to make informed decisions about their cleaning needs.

Our rigorous quality control and adherence to sustainable practices ensure we provide exceptional service. We set the industry standard for what companies should aim to achieve. We lead by example and demonstrate that business success, staff safety, guest comfort, and environmental responsibility coexist harmoniously.

At CLS, we’re not just about providing products and services; we’re about partnering with businesses in their journey toward superior cleanliness and safety. Our high standards have become the benchmark for the industry.

CLS Helps you Take Care of Your Business’ Floors!

Floor maintenance is not simply a matter of cleanliness and satisfaction. While that is one of the most important reasons to put effort into your floor’s maintenance, there are many other reasons to give your facility’s floors the proper love and care. It is as much a matter of safety as it is cleanliness and cost. It is more expensive to have your floors repaired or overhauled than it is to regularly care for and maintain them. 

CLS combines its long industrial experience in floor care technology with savvy business models to help you achieve easy, quick, and efficient floor care and maintenance solutions for your facility. Discover our floor and facility maintenance service options today! Contact CLS at 800-875-4636, or fill in the form here to request a quote or send in your queries.