Why Floor Mats are Essential

Michigan Mat

Even if you don’t have heavy traffic in and out of your establishment, wet weather season tracks in 12 times more dirt, not to mention water. Vacuuming only removes 10-40% of dirt and dust. Not only is dirt a problem, but with wet dirty floors, safety becomes an issue as well.

Statistics show that 40% of the average company’s cleaning budget is spent on floor care. Floor mats can drastically reduce this expense by trapping dirt and water, keeping it from being tracked throughout the building, and reduce surface wear and stains – saving you thousands in repair and replacement costs.

Slip and fall accidents are more prevalent than ever. Many companies fail to recognize the impact it has on their organization, employees, and customers.

Slips and trips are one of the most common workplace injuries and make up 35% of all reported incidents. To no surprise, 90% of slips occur on wet floors! This can be significantly reduced or prevented with the installation of mats in entryways and in high traffic areas where water spillage is a concern